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With experienced physicians and a broad range of medical specialties, Alton MultiSpecialists offers you an exciting new level of medical care.

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The Best Doctors in Alton in One Place: Alton MultiSpecialists

Ob-Gyn, Orthopedics, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Conveniently Located

The Best Doctors in Alton, IllinoisAlton MultiSpecialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care services to our patients both directly through our physicians and nurses, and indirectly through our management of quality. Our Alton doctors provide expert, cost effective services bringing together the latest advances in medicine and healthcare, while responding to community need, not only within the local area, but also to the larger St Louis region.

Whatever your insurance provider, our office staff’s knowledge of all carriers will simplify the reimbursement procedure from the start.

Perhaps most meaningful of all, the doctors of Alton MultiSpecialists deliver the most advanced medical technology with rare and welcome warmth to each and every patient.

Alton MultiSpecialists offer a variety of medical specialists, including: Obstetrics & GynecologyPediatricsInternal MedicineOrthopedics, Diagnostic Imaging Services and more.

OB-GYN Services in Alton, Illinois

Alton Ob-Gyn GynecologistThe Obstetrician & Gynecologists at Alton MultiSpecialists are here to assist you in choosing the best healthcare and family planning options to suit your needs. Alton MultiSpecialist’s Ob-Gyn’s provide comprehensive OB/GYN services to patients in Alton Illinois, the St. Louis Metro East, and throughout Southern Illinois.

Learn more about our Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Rachel E. Durham, M.D. and Melissa Mitchell, WHNP-BC by clicking on their links or by visiting our Obstetrician & Gynecologist page.

It’s easy to set an appointment to meet with a Gynecologist in Alton, Illinois. Simply call 618-463-1181 now to begin the process of caring for yourself with the assistance of a qualified and trusted doctor in Alton, Illinois.

Orthopedic Services at Alton MultiSpecialists

The Orthopedic services at Alton MultiSpecialists provide relief from injuries or illnesses affecting the bones. Dr. Randall J. Rogalsky, M.D. is our board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in healing and repairing broken bones, torn ligaments and other injuries to the skeletal system. Dr. Rogalsky partners with Alton local hospitals to provide Orthopedic Surgery services. Degeneration of the joints and arthritis can be treated by knee or hip joint replacement. Dr. Rogalsky also treats sports injuries with techniques such as arthroscopic surgery.

Alton’s Premier Pediatricians

Alton PediatricianAlton MultiSpecialists’ Pediatricians are entrusted to provide complete pediatric health care services to our young patients in the St. Louis Metro East area, and the Southern Illinois region from our offices in Alton, Illinois.

We invite you to get to know Dr. Kelly Lindsey, M.D., and  Dr. Steven Zenker, M.D. on our Pediatrics staff at Alton MultiSpecialists. We know how important it is to have a familiar and trusted pediatrician conveniently located. To set up an appointment with one of our Alton Pediatricians, call 618-463-8636.

Internal Medicine Specialists in Alton, Illinois

Doctors who specialize in internal medicine are called Internists. They handle diagnosing and treating a wide range of chronic illnesses, general promotion of good health and disease prevention. Our Internal Medicine specialists are trained to understand how the various systems of the body interact with each other and how diseases can manifest throughout the body.

Our Internal Medicine Specialists at Alton MultiSpecialists include Dr. William Bartley, M.D.Dr. Tariq Quadri, M.D.Dr Erik Stabell, M.D., Dr. Kristen Stabell, M.D., Amanda Ventimiglia, F.N.P. and Briana Waldeck, F.N.P.

It is recommended that adults should have checkups even when they are feeling well in order to detect any unnoticed problems, to establish a relationship with a doctor who can help monitor their overall health in the long-run, and to offer the reassurance that they are doing everything to remain in good health. To set an appointment with one of our Alton-based Internal Medicine Specialists, please call: 618-463-8610

Getting Started with Alton MultiSpecialists

To get started as a patient with Alton MultiSpecialists we require all new Internal Medicine patients fill out one of our Internal Medicine New Patient Forms. If you are a new patient visiting one of our Obstetrician Gynecologists, please complete our OB/GYN New Patient Forms. New Adult Orthopedic patients are asked to complete our Orthopedic Adult New Patient Forms. If you are the parent of a New Orthopedic Pediatric Patient, please fill out the Orthopedic Pediatric New Patient Form. Parents of our new Pediatric Patients are asked to complete our Pediatric New Patient Form. We also ask our new patients to complete our HIPAA agreement sheet that explains our privacy practices and grants HIPAA disclosure authorization.

Welcome to Alton MultiSpecialists!

On behalf of all the doctors and staff at Alton MultiSpecialists we would like to welcome you to our practice conveniently located at 1 Professional Drive in Alton, Illinois. For your convenience, please call us at 618-463-8500


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