Dr Rogalsky

Board certified in Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Rogalsky received his medical education at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He served a five-year residency in orthopedic surgery at The Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg. Dr. Rogalsky has extensive experience in sports medicine, knee and hip reconstructive surgery, spinal surgery and pediatric orthopedic problems.

When it comes to advances in medical science, Orthopedic Surgery takes center stage. The technological advances of arthroscopic and microscopic surgical procedures make it possible to reconstruct and rehabilitate patients with increasing success that was undreamed of years ago.

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that deals with diseases or injury involving muscles, bones and joints. Treatment of problems of the skeleton and muscles ranges from splints and casts to surgery.

A few of the common problems patients bring to orthopedic surgeons are injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments and strained muscles. Treatment for such injuries might include the use of a cast or, occasionally, surgery to repair the damage.

Joint problems caused by degeneration or arthritis can often be relieved by total knee or hip joint replacement. Sports injuries like a torn cartilage, or ligament injuries around the knee are usually successfully managed using arthroscopic surgical techniques. Foot problems, also, can be very disabling, and a combination of shoe modification and/or surgery can offer considerable benefits.

However, surgery only sets the stage for a good outcome. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are often necessary to obtain maximum benefit and recovery from an injury or surgical procedure.

An informed patient is a more satisfied patient.

Your orthopedic surgeon must first understand you and how your condition affects your life in terms of work, family and recreation. Only then can he provide you with the best options of treatment to achieve the maximum result. The more informed you are, the better able you will be to participate in your progress, so we encourage your questions.

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